Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Asquinn Twins: No Greener Pastures

Will sherry be able to help her back-slidden husband back to his strong relation ship he 'd had with the Savior as a boy?
God spared her husband on an narrow rocky reef when their, and their friends' canoe, overturned in some high waves. Sherry and Ken were adrift for awhile, clinging to one of the overturned canoes, then were washed upon a ragged, narrow reef with no shelter. The canoes were washed away.
A storm that evening looked ugly to Sherry and her friend, Martha. The friends prayed that God would turn the storm away from the four huddled on the reef without shelter.
Will He answer Charlotte's pleas to restore her husband?
Charlotte leaves her husband because of his infifility.
 By now Ken has graduated Police academy and is living the glories life of a member of the Canadian Mounties. But is he happy? He only comes to realize what he'd lost when he's alone with his mistress. Charlotte and their two boys have returned to Forest Lake. She asks for a divorce and Ken agrees. This is where God chooses to intervene. Is their marriage saved?
Bradan and Martha remain together as a married couple, also with two boys. But Bradan is still back-slidden.
Martha's twin brother, Martin, remained in Forest Lake and finished high school. He is now teacher at the one roomed school house in Forest Lake. He's married to Audrey Baker, whom he met in high school. Ths couple have no children, then decide to adopt. They apply to adopt a baby, but end up with more children than bargained for.
Will Charlotte or Martha be able to keep their faith, based on promises made by Pastor Asquinn and prayers of the members of Golden Ridge Baptist Church?
How does Sherry react when Ken finally joins her and the boys in Forest Lake?
How has God blessed Ken when he starts living the Christian life again?
Read the book to find out Bradan's reaction when Ken tells him, by a telephone conversation that he's quit the RCMP and returned to Ontario to Join the Ontario Provincial Police, something the friends wanted to do when they were boys. Ken invites Bradan to quit and return to Ontario and do the same. What is Ken's reaction when his life long friend tells him he's already been transferred to the Yukon Territory?
How does an elderly resident of Forest Lake named Chester Greene react to this yo-yo method of serving God? Chester Greene has watched Ken and Beadan since the two were boys.
Ken and Bradan learn that others watch how a Christian lives, and how a Christian lives may have a profound impact on whether or not an unbeliever is saved or not.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Judge Not

Don't judge anyone's actions if you don't have all the facts. Look for the underlying cause of the incident and look for what actually went on that caused the issue.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Christian Reading Blog


I'm glad you took the time to drop into my blog.Please browse through the many titles and perhaps buy a book or two.

I was born in Kirkland Lake, Ontario, Canada but moved west at age eighteen. My first job was in what was then a TB sanatorium for natives; Eskimo and Indians. i worked in the kitchen, not washing dishes but preparing meals for the patient. this was exciting enough but at age eighteen I couldn't see myself doing this for a living the rest of my life. I quit and returned to Ontario. Being the youngest of the family, my brothers had left home long before i did and were married; as was my only sister. Mom was living with my sister and her husband and this was the only 'home' I had to return to. needless to say, i didn't stay very long and returned west. The longest job I held was a nurses' aide at the Home For retardates at Portage La Prairie. The powers that be told me I was such a natural at psychiatric nursing i should take the course and become a psychiatric nurse. I had decided to do this then along came Dennis Brooks, the man to be my future husband.

The first question children in classes at school readings asked me is 'When did you know you wanted to be a writer?" My answer; since I was ten years old. I spent a lot of time reading as I grew up in a small, but pretty hamlet of Sesekinika, in the northern part of the province of Ontario. Sesekinika would be about 500 miles north of Toronto accessible via the Ontario Northland Railroad and The Northern portion of the Trans-Canada Highway; it's also accessible by air as Air Canada has accommodations to land small jet aircraft at the airport in Earlton a short drive from Sesekinika. Other services such as High School , hospital ambulance police (more about that later) services all came from Kirkland Lake. We did have a lower grades school in Sesekinika, which I attended from grades one to eight. I , along with many other students, were bused into Kirkland lake to attend High School. Kirkland Lake, where I was born is, is,or was at that time, a gold mining city, twenty- one miles north-east of Sesekinika. These are places in the vast area known as the James Bay Frontier, the setting of The Asquinn Twins series. The Asquinn twins is a Christian/Young adult series set in the James Bay Frontier. What inspired me to write the series? Check back and read more.

"I didn't realize such a good thing could come
from Kirkland Lake".
A young reader who lives somewhere in the
James Bay
where the series is set.

"Recommended family-friendly reading".
L & R Hartley a multia
publisher in Australia.

'These books should be on the shelves of
every Christian book store; they are that good,"
says Michael Keith Finch, a correctional officer
who lives in Waco Texes.

Michael K Finch again
I cannot overstate the value of this book as a resource
and learning tool for Christian families. This conclusion was
not drawn carelessly. The core issues of Christianity are
presented in a way that is both refreshing and inspirational.
Whether you are a Pastor, Deacon, Sunday School Teacher,
or even a Parent,you can use this book to help witness
to others about the redemptive power that is found by placing your
faith and trust in Jesus Christ.

The Asquinn Twins and The Lure Of Tamarack Marsh
The Asquinn Twins And the Lynx
The Asquinn Twins and The Exchange Student
The Asquinn Twins and Grant